A healthy flow of communication between the school, teachers and parents are highly important to keep a tab on the physical, cognitive and motor development of children. Since the child spends most of his time in the school, it is the responsibility of the educational institution to use various channels of communication and update parents about the progress of their child.

Due to lack of time and attention, there is a gap in the communication flow between teachers and parents due to which they might miss the meeting reminders including sign ups and verbal formats etc. leading to hundreds of missed connections. In spite of excessive exposure to digital technology and electronic communication, still, there is a gap when it comes to education.

VookAD is an ideal school management system which is tailor-made for the Indian education system that not only helps in managing schools but also involves parents in their child’s education. It reduces cost, increases efficiency and results in a better performance of the child.

Just few key features

Innovative Modern Approach

Designed under the guidance of teacher advisory team & suggestions from parents.

Easy, User-Friendly Navigation

Easy to maintain & can be managed from anywhere. Makes it easy to handle records of examination, assessments, grades and academic progression.

Regular Free Updates

You can download for free



Immediate availability and analysis of data is possible with just a few clicks. Any format can be used to graph and report.

Resource Optimization

Best possible resource optimization, automate admission, class and fee management.

Maintain All the Records

Manage School from anywhere with a few click. Maintain all the records pertaining to school easily.


How Your School Benefit ?

How Your School Benefit ?

Transform your school with the new VookAD, a school management system that helps reduce the cost and increases efficiency. Experience better performance results in no time!

  • Presents a tech savvy image of your school.
  • Handle inquiries regarding the admission process from prospective students.
  • Enrol new students & store teaching option choices.
  • Keep a track on the fee and credits throughout the year.
  • Create schedules automatically for the entire class & teachers
  • Handle examination records, weekly assessments, marks and grades and academic progression
  • Maintain attendance records
  • Keep a track on the school transportation including inventory
  • Create and manage statistical reports easily. Any data in the system can be analyzed, graphed and reported in the format of your choice
  • An innovative parent portal or app that keeps you updated on the progress of your child.
Benefits to Parents

Benefits to Parents

VookAD is an advanced communication media that keeps parents updated on their child’s academic progress. In today’s world where mostly both the parents are working, taking time off from the busy schedule is extremely difficult. VookAD, a mobile-driven application enables them to have a closer look to their wards performance.

  • Connect to the school & teachers easily
  • Assess your children’s progress from home be it attendance, progress report or fee payment
  • Frequent interaction with teachers & active participation in school activities
  • Stay tuned to important school events by using school calendar, photo gallery & newsletters
  • Benefits to Teacher

    Benefits to Teacher

    VookAD is a new media of communication that helps strengthen the student-teacher relationship. This out-of-the-box school management system gives flexibility to the teachers to interact with the students rather than documenting the records.

  • Apart from personal enrichment, VookAD lets them communicate the student’s progress to the parents with professional-looking reports.
  • Complete attendance automation
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative tasks with systems that instantly calculate and analyze grade and attendance data
  • Direct communication with the parents without any issue of the message getting lost.
  • Save time and effort to keep individuals, whole classes, and parent groups informed
  • Easily share suggestions with parents and school management
  • Completely transparent system, drill down students’ subject wise performance
  • Benefits To Students

    Benefits To Students

    Students get a real life exposure to better learning.

  • Easy access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Class & school activities at your fingertips.
  • Students can see their homework assignments from their home or school computer
  • Students can enjoy the dramatic improvements in student achievement supported and encouraged by parental involvement
  • Prior information about school events and holidays
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    What is Vookad ?

    VookAD is conceptualized to make communication easy using the power of the internet. VookAD is a perfect school management system specifically designed to bridge the communication gap between all the stakeholders in the upbringing of the child without affecting the current process.

    We truly believe that technology is for all and our state-of-the-art technology ensure that there’s no communication gap between the school leader, administration, teachers, parents and students. With VookAD, educational institutes can share the real-time updates of the activities / events /reports emanating in the confines of the classroom and school campus with parents. They can also maintain reports/grades and administer the entire setup using the state-of-the-art user-friendly technology.

    How it Works ?

    Easy, faster to install and use app, VookAD will be at your fingertips within a few clicks. Experience this user-friendly technology to make communication easier and better. Follow these simple steps to get the maximum out of the app.


    About Us

    VookAD Solutions Private Limited is an experienced IT firm engaged in a variety of IT services. The new VookAD app is conceptualized by a dynamic team of professionals with creative minds who have extensive experience in the education and technical sector. VookAD Solutions Private Limited utilizes the cutting-edge technologies to provide advanced IT solutions and services to the clients from various sectors of the economy.

    VookAD provides a highly personalized mobile based solution that captures the school processes and makes all the operations including students’ finance, admission and records, continuous assessment, terminal reports, etc. easily accessible and manageable via smartphone. This allows you to effectively serve all the stakeholders—students, parents, teachers and administrators, offering them amazing benefits.

    VookAD also specializes in digital marketing, brand promotion, SEO, website design and maintenance, content writing and sales collaterals for the education sector.

    Our Values

    Passion for Excellence

    We are passionate about what we do. We are excited about the contribution VookAD can make to School, Teachers, Parents and Students.

    Power of collaboration

    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. We believe that the Teachers, the students, the parents, the administrators, and the VookAD team are all in one.


    We anticipate change and shape it to fit our purposes.

    Continuous Improvement

    VookAD is a learning organization. We are eager to teach and share what we know with others.


    Apart from developing the VookAD app, an out-of-the-box concept for school management, we are also engaged in a number of branding and promotional activities on a massive scale. Here’s a snapshot of our other services.


    An innovative, engaging and interactive website assures high traffic. We use all our creativity to design an online page for you that reflects the essence of your brand.


    We have a passionate team of content writers who are experts in creating magic with words. Whether we talk about quirky & witty social media posts or technical descriptions, we can do it all!


    Eye-catching marketing collaterals and print material is one of our expertise. Our designing team loves to experiment and when it comes to playing with creativity, they are specialists!


    We are masters when it comes to digital marketing! Our dynamic team is out there and uses all the possible media channels to put your brand in the limelight.


    From corporate events to launch parties, online advertisements to print media coverage, we make sure that your brand is present everywhere. Rely on us for a powerful brand image !


    Search Engine Optimization is the heart and soul of any online campaign. Our expert team members are working day and night to chart out campaigns that reap maximum ROI for our clients.

    Meet Our Team

    Our team is our greatest strength. Their passion, enthusiasm and zeal to excel in every field derive our every single project. From drafting strategies to implementing plans, and rigorous follow-ups, we do it all with perfection.

    • Vishal Gupta
      Vishal Gupta Co Founder & CFO

      An engineer by education and an entrepreneur by profession, Vishal Gupta is the Co-Founder, CFO at VookAD. He is responsible for handling finance, administration, and legal departments.

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    • Nishant Singh
      Nishant Singh Co Founder & CMO

      With more than 9 Years of experience with big corporate giants, Nishant decided to leave his comfort zone and follow his passion. With an aim of helping education sector with technology.

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    • Vikrant Suman
      Vikrant Suman CTO

      With over 12 years of progressive experience diversified in the field of website design/development, web technologies & team management in the phases of private sector environment.

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    VookAD is suitable for which type of schools?

    VookAD is suitable for every school. Whether you are running a small school or a big one or a chain of schools, you can use VookAD. Not just this, it suits colleges and other educational institutions too where there is a necessity of proper management of every operation.

    How VookAD is different from other school management software present in the market?

    VookAD is one of its kind. It has been designed and developed after years of research on problems commonly faced by schools across the globe. VookAD is a universal school management software which is suitable for every school anywhere in the world.

    What do you mean by web-based software, is this available just online?

    Well, our VookAD is an online software. When we say it is web-based then it means it is online.

    What about the hosting server?

    VookAD is an online software and we host this on our server.

    I would like to use my own server, will you install in my server?

    Well, we can do that. Please, get in touch with us to get more details about the same.

    What about data security?

    Your data is 100% secured. You don’t have to be worried. Data can never be lost or stolen by anyone.

    Is there any data backup facility?

    Yes, there is data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data without any difficulty.

    I like VookAD but still there are a few more features which i am looking for, what shall I do?

    Please get in touch with us. Our software is highly customizable. Anything can be added or deleted anytime.

    What is the mode of payment?

    You can pay online or through your debit card, credit card etc. You can pay by bank-to-bank transfer as well. Just talk to our sales executive to know more about the payment options.

    Can I export data from the software?

    Yes, you have that option.

    Can I import an existing data into the VookAD app?

    Well, you can. There will be no problem at all.

    Is training provided on how to use VookAD?

    Yes, training is provided! Although our manuals would just be enough for anyone to understand everything about the software but still we provide one-on-one training to help our customers.

    Do you provide support services?

    Yes, we do. We provide support services any time you need. We support our clients through email, chat, phone call etc.

    What are the benefits of VookAD?

    VookAD is of great use to everyone. It is for everyone. It is for administrators, teachers, parents, students, other staff members etc. There are modules in the software which will help everyone to a great extent. Please refer our page on FEATURES to know more about our software.

    Tell me something about the technology behind VookAD.

    VookAD is an app which is being designed and developed by the experts. The technology used is ASP.Net, SQL Server and DevExpress Controls.

    Are there any hidden charges?

    No, there are no hidden charges. You will have to make the payment just once and we will not ask you for the payment next time. However, there can be annual maintenance charges which you will have to give as per the contract.

    Can I use resell this software?

    Please, refer our web page on RESELLER. Please, contact us to know more about it.

    Can I have the option to upgrade from one package to the other package once I bought the software?

    Yes, you can upgrade your software anytime you would like to.

    Is there a trial version for your VookAD?

    We have a demo version present here on the website. We have a video which will give you a peek into the features of our software. We may provide a trial version too. Please, contact us to know more about the same.

    How long can I use your software?

    Well, you can use our VookAD school management software as long as you would like to with no trouble at all. You will have to renew your package by making an online payment.

    Do you refund money if I do not like your software?

    Well, you will certainly like our software. It has never happened with us. We have satisfied all our clients.

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